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General NYSPA Webinars


NYSPA Panel: Addressing Racial Trauma
Recorded on 6/7/2020

Featuring: Maysa Akbar, PhD, Charmain F. Jackman, PhD, Kirkland C. Vaughans, PhD
Moderated by Daniel Kaplin, PhD

Recent events are a painful reminder that members of the Black community remain under attack in our society. The murder of George Floyd demonstrates that although time continues to pass, the deep-seated racism and hatred remains an ugly stain for our nation. In this webinar, the presenters will address some of their personal and professional experiences trying to address racial trauma. Dr. Vaughans and Akbar will discuss the psychological impact intergenerational transmission of trauma. In his book  The Psychology of Black Boys and Adolescents, Dr. Vaughan notes that the unresolved generational trauma among African-Americans, and black boys in particular, is a function of an unmourned original collective, historical trauma, as well as the episodic, persistent, terroristic, and oppressive social assault targeting the Black community at later periods in American history. Using her book,  Urban Trauma: A Legacy of Racism as a guide, Dr. Akbar will describe the characteristics of how these traumas impact the personality of members of the Black community. Dr. Jackman will emphasize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She will reflect on the shared responsibility that all members of society have to address violence and racism. She will highlight the critical role that members of White communities have in stepping up, leaning in, and speaking out. After their presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and process their experiences around racial trauma.


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Non-Members - $20


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“From Instant Sex to Endless Courtship”
Gendered Shifts in Mobile Dating During a Global Pandemic
Recorded on 8/15/2020

Presented by LGBT Task Force

Featuring: Dr. Pani Farvid

We are living in surreal and unprecedented times. Due to the global COVID-19 crisis, in just a few weeks, the world as we know it, turned upside down. As various shelter-in-place orders were mandated, the way we work, shop, take care of loved ones and socialize altered overnight. Dating app use saw a major spike and new platforms like “OkZoomer” and “Quarantine Together” sprouted. While anecdotal and descriptive media pieces sought to map shifts in mobile dating during “lockdown”, very little is known about what’s been going on with single people during this time. In this presentation, I draw on an international survey on mobile dating during COVID-19 to explain the ways in which people of diverse ages, genders and sexual orientations engaged in mobile dating during social distancing. Findings indicate that while the number of matches and conversations escalated, the process of mobile dating slowed down – offering greater capacity for intimacy-making. At the same time, a specific pattern of gendered conduct was identified, with reports of a cluster of men immediately requesting sexting, online sex, or in person casual sex (from both gay men and straight women). The new specter of the pleasures and pains of this mode of technologically mediated intimacy will be explicated, paying attention to the ways in which experiences varied across the axes of gender, race and sexual identity. In particular, the escalation of straight men’s demands on women’s immediate sexual labor will be teased out, as well as the ways in which the pandemic is pushing the limits of emotional coping for some individuals. The implications of this for re/shaping intimate conduct in uncertain times will also be discussed.


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nyspa insurance committee webinars


Nuts and Bolts of Telehealth for Psychotherapy Practice
Recorded 3/27/20

Presented by Joe Scroppo, PhD

This was the first in a series of offerings from NYSPA's Insurance Committee. It is designed to provide fundamental and clear information about what you need to know in the clinical and regulatory arenas to safely and effectively practice psychotherapy in New York using electronic communication services. In the regulatory sphere, the webinar covers relevant ethical, licensing board, and legal factors for telepsychology practice. Clinical issues include factors in clinician competence, patient suitability for teletherapy, informed consent, insurance and payment matters, selection of electronic communication services, and crisis management. In addition, this webinar addresses recent changes to federal and NY law in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.


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Non-Members - $25


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Teletherapy in a Pandemic: Making Clinical Process Changes Work
Recorded 4/17/20

Presented by Todd Essig, PhD

This was the second in a series of offerings from NYSPA's Insurance Committee to address the challenges of both maintaining the capacity to work in a transformed clinical environment while delivering the quality of care we are trained and committed to provide.

This presentation focuses on making the clinical process work: how to engage patients, and your own experience, to help facilitate meaningful clinical change when familiar clinical processes are reshaped by the absence of shared physical presence. The webinar describes the clinical context of our emergency conversion to telehealth, including the clinical consequences of how technologically-mediated relationships work and how they differ from in person communication. It then offers strategies for how to better understand and intervene in what we and our patients are experiencing.

Todd Essig, PhD has been studying and writing about telehealth for over 20 years. He’s a Training and Supervising psychoanalyst at the William Alanson White Institute and currently serves as co-Chair of APsaA’s COVID-19 response team.


Webinar Recording Fees:
NYSPA Members - Free
Non-Members - $25


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COVID-19 Financial Business Information for Psychologists
Recorded 4/30/2020

Presented by Jay L. Hack, Esq

Congress passed part 2 of the COVID-19 financial package aimed to assist small businesses impacted by the countrywide lockdown. Although psychologists have found ways to continue their vital work through remote services and other means, many have nonetheless been impacted.

In fact, members have been asking questions about accessing the COVID-19 funding to support their practices. We are pleased to offer a session in which we will have an opportunity to hear from an expert for an overview about this issue and have important questions answered including about eligibility, pros and cons of applying, what materials are needed, the application process and the crucial question of loan forgiveness. Although many applied, we wanted to make sure that those of you who might still be interested and/or have additional questions about the process get the best information available, geared to psychologists.

Jay Hack is a partner at Gallet Dreyer and Berkey, LLP whose primary practice focus has been to provide a full range of legal services on financial matters. He has written extensively about the financial aspects of the COVID Support Program and has provided on going assistance to banks, companies and individuals involved in the this monumental effort to support businesses. He is the former Chair of the Business Law Section of the NYS Bar Association and was the Bar Association’s principal speaker at its SBA PPP Loan Program legal education seminar.


Webinar Recording Fees:
NYSPA Members - Free
Non-Members - $25

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Back to the Future: Reopening Our In-Person Practices
Recorded 6/12/2020

Presented by Todd Essig, PhD, Alan Hack, PhD, and Joe Scroppo, PhD

This webinar was designed to help us weigh options for continuing our clinical work in the age of this pandemic. Hear from our stellar NYSPA experts  Joe Scroppo, JD, PhD  and  Todd Essig, PhD on the legal, ethical, and clinical issues that must be understood and considered and get to ask them questions. Then join us for an extended Q&A/discussion/comment period - an opportunity to raise and share issues of concern, confusion, and interest about this important step - facilitated by NYSPA Past-President  Alan Hack, PhD and members of the NYSPA Insurance Committee.


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Webinar Recording Fees:
NYSPA Members - $20
Non-Members - $35

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Psychologists Supporting Psychologist: Duty to Warn Regarding the Spreading of Covid of Patients in Treatment
Recorded on 8/28/2020

Sponsored by the Clinical Division

Moderated by:
Patricia Pitta Ph.D., ABPP-Board Certified Couple and Family Psychologist in practice in Manhasset, Long Island.

Guest Lawyer and Psychologist:
Bruce Hillowe J.D., Ph.D-Lawyer and Psychologist practicing to help Psychologists with their legal questions and issues.

Listen to question and answer period around issues of Duty to Warn in regards to working with a client who has Covid and intentionally shares this infection with others without their knowledge. The first fifteen minutes will be Dr. Pitta formulating with psychologists questions for Bruce and the last 30 minutes will be answers to questions.

View the recording here.

Disaster Resource Network (drn) Training Modules

Please note that all DRN Training Modules are free and only available for NYSPA members. Click here to become a NYSPA member.

Below are recordings to previous DRN Training Modules.

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Intro to the Neurobiology of Trauma and Somatic Applications

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Tools for Emotional First Aid: Grounding, Resourcing, and Somatic Imagery in Trauma Healing

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Understanding the Various Types of Trauma 

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Working with Diverse Populations 

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Grief, Trauma and Loss in the Workplace: What Employers and Organizations Can Do to Support Their Work Force

Click Here to Download DRN Training Module 6 - Recorded 6/28/20
Children and Trauma: Creating Safety and Security Through Somatic Interventions

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