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Organizational, Consulting And Work Psychology (OCW)

2020 Executive Board

President (2020) Bruce Hammer, PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 1993
President-Elect (2020) Thomas Diamante, PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 2016
Past-President (2020) Thomas Diamante, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2016
Secretary (2019-21) Christine Allen, PhD NYSPA Member Since 1999
Treasurer (2019-21) Sunni Lampasso,PsyD NYSPA Member Since 2012
Member at Large (2019-21) Elvita Aletta, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2013
Member at Large (2020-22) Vacant  
Representative to Council (2020-22) Carol Goldberg, PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 1969
Alt Rep to Council (2019-21) Jean Sawyer Cohen, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2005


About the Division

MISSION  Our mission is to provide a forum for NYSPA psychologists who are consulting to or who are interested in consulting to organizations. Organizations are broadly defined and inclusive of psychology specialties (Industrial/Organizational, Consulting, and Counseling) that focus on services for people in businesses, societies, and associations (including professional associations, hospitals, and schools). 

WHO WE ARE  Some members come from traditional Industrial/Organizational programs and bring work-related assessment, career guidance, and research skills. Many of our members are clinicians, who may do EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) or help their private practice clients with work related issues, such as family therapists helping family businesses with succession and sibling rivalry conflicts. Those who seek the independence and higher income of external consultants acquire perspectives and lingo of the business world and network with business atendees. Instead of focusing on pathology, OCW psychologists may learn to look at strengths and coaching skills. By broadening our boundaries, we create opportunities to share knowledge, to break down academic/practice silos, and to collaborate. Our goal, in part, is to share best practices with students, early career psychologists, and established organizational, business-oriented professionals.

2017 OCW Report

AREAS OF INTEREST Our meetings are open to any individual who is involved, or would like to become involved in the following areas:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Management Skills Training
  • Employee selection
  • Personnel assessment
  • HR management
  • Employee counseling
  • Stress management
  • Team building
  • Engagement surveys
  • I/O research
  • Career guidance
  • Outplacement counseling
  • Social Media and Organizations
  • Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Through networking, attendees are able to share information and experiences and learn about events, programs and opportunities for doing business in the greater New York area.

We have directed efforts toward building professional alliances with METRO (the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychologists)and the Organization Development Network of Greater New York(ODN), and the Human Resources Planning Society (HRPS).

We have actively recruited psychology students from Queens College, Fordham University and Adelphi University to attend our meetings.

In addition to presenting programs itself, OCW co-sponsors programs with other NYSPA divisions and regional associations.


Conference on Leadership: Diversity and Leadership, Jean Lau Chin, PhD, ABPP; Feminist Challenges of Leadership, Maureen O’Connor, JD, PhD; Workplace Bullying, Sharon Brennan, PhD; Moderator Carol Goldberg, PhD, ABPP.

Positive Psychology and Optimal Love in Work Settings: Dorothy Marcic, PhD. 

Bullying In and Out of the Workplace and Other Organizations: Psychological and Legal Perspectives on Prevention, Intervention, and Amelioration.  Keynote speakers:  Gary Namie, PhD and David Yamada, JD; panel presenters: Sharon Brennan, PhD, Harold Takoosian, PhD, Sylvan Schaffer, JD, PhD, Kevin Nadal, PhD, Anne Winton, PhD, Richard Wexler, PhD, and Judi Segall, Omsbudsman; moderators: Ira Richman, PhD, Carol Goldberg, PhD, Michael Grove, PhD.

Assessments for Selection and Development: Ben Dattner, PhD, Founder of Dattner Consulting

Michel A. Buffet, PhD Founder and President of the ETM Consulting Group. Topic: Executive On-boarding

How Corporations Succeed.  Carol Goldberg, PhD, ABPP

Assessing and Developing Innovation in Individuals, Groups, and Organizations: Ira S. Richman, PhD, President, Greater Performances, Inc.


OCW has its roots in NYSPA’s Division of Personnel Psychology, subsequently called Divisional of Personnel/Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and then called Industrial, Organizational and Personnel Psychology, rejuvenated under the latter title by Drs. Richard Wexler, Jeffrey Goldberg, and Lawrence Baker. Although Presidents have served multiple terms, the most terms were four under Dr. Baker’s leadership. Because Industrial no longer describes our technological world, in 2008, Dr. Suzanne Roff-Wexler developed its current name Organizational, Consulting and Work Psychology.


We welcome you! NYSPA members are charged $15 a year for OCW dues. Students may join free. OCW members attend meetings, which usually include light refreshments, at no additional cost.

There are a few ways to join:

  • Join online here.
  • Call the central office at (518) 437-1040 with a major credit card;
  • Send a check for $15 to NYSPA, 3 Pine West Plaza, Ste 308, Albany NY 12205