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2016 President-Elect Candidate Dr. Herbert Gingold

 Personal Statement

NYSPA has always seemed to me a place where all psychologists could find a home and support, professionally and personally. Psychologists face enormous professional challenges in maintaining our position as premier doctoral level scientists, educators, researchers and clinicians. While incorporating 21st century technology, social media and an explosion of new research and clinical technique, we must never forget what it means to be a psychologist. Psychology has always been a subversive profession. We are often in the forefront of social change and we should celebrate it. Despite the recent duplicity at APA, our densely packed code of professional ethics has set a high bar for our obligations to patients, students, research subjects and the public. By living up to these obligations we set an example for professional and ethical conduct. I would like to see NYSPA become the setting for a renaissance in practice, ethics and social welfare. How?

  • Focus on issues of private practice to ensure the profession flourishes in NYS;
  • Present state‐of‐the‐art programs on theories and techniques for clinicians, including training for dealing with insurance and business issues;
  • Advocate for legislation informed by psychological knowledge and best practice to protect our patients and colleagues;
  • Provide training in ethical standards, especially following the APA scandal;
  • Accommodate diverse viewpoints and representation on all committees and task forces;
  • Promote inclusiveness around diversity issues, including disabilities (NYSPA events should be accessible);
  • Meet the training needs of psychology students at all levels;
  • Contribute to the national and state level conversations on mental health care;
  • Focus serious efforts on membership, in particular, bringing back academics and researchers into NYSPA.

These ambitious goals call for vision and unity. Let us pull together to achieve them.


Biographical Sketch

I was born in the Bronx and raised in the Long Island suburbs, the youngest of four children in a family best described as affectionate, musical and intellectual. My mother was an amateur historian and a pianist. Most nights I fell asleep listening to her practicing. From my warm-hearted father, who ran a successful family-owned business with three brothers for 40 years, I learned teamwork, negotiation and stick-to-itiveness. After attending The George Washington University as an undergraduate, I was invited into the Experimental and Developmental Psychology doctoral program. Our lab did research in animal learning and children’s perception and cognition.

After struggling with a gay identity during the unfriendly 60s, I became involved in gay social and political action during graduate school. Among the many organizations I was involved with, I helped start a gay Jewish congregation that still thrives today. I started a gay student group at GWU, and I was involved as a writer and board member of The Gay Blade, a gay newspaper, which continues today as The Blade.

Following graduation, I worked with developmentally disabled children and adults in a variety of settings, including the Kansas Neurological Institute, using behavior modification to improve behavior. I spent a year in Metz, France writing a mystery novel and fell in love with France and the French. Upon my return to the USA, I was offered a research/teaching position at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, where I worked on a number of studies of at-risk infants and children exposed to cocaine in-utero.

I returned to NYC in 1991 to help my aging parents and enrolled in the Derner Institute Re-specialization Program at Adelphi University to become a clinical psychologist. Subsequently, I completed a postdoctoral training in adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. I spent several years working in the state mental health system and found that my niche was GeroPsychology. I become involved in NYSPA’s Division of Adult Development and Aging and after that, there was no looking back. NYSPA became a passion for me. At last count, I’ve worn over 20 leadership “hats” at regional, divisional and statewide level (see below). These experiences have prepared me to understand the complex challenges psychologists are facing in the 21st century. The NYSPA I knew was a convivial organization that welcomed and supported psychologists of all levels, disciplines and geographic areas.

The trajectory of my life has taught me the value of collegiality, mentoring, human rights and advocacy. In the aftermath of the current APA debacle, I feel we psychologists have a great deal to learn about running organizations honestly and transparently, lessons that NYSPA can take to heart.

Division Representative to NYSPA Council: Adult Development and Aging
Division Representative to NYSPA Council: Psychoanalysis
Consultant to the Clinical Division
Consultant to Division of Psychoanalysis
At-large member of Manhattan Psychological Association
Associate Editor and Contributor NYS Psychologist
Division of Psychoanalysis Program Committee

NYSPA-wide Committees:
Finance Committee
Committee on Representation
NYSPA Convention Program Committee
Nominations and Elections Committee
Public Relations Committee
Fund Raising and Marketing Committee (Founder and Chair)

Task Forces:
Task Force on Telephone and E-therapy, 
LGBTQ Task Force (Founder and Chair)
Public Education Campaign (Member)
President of the Division of Psychoanalysis
Founding Member and Treasurer of Queens Psychological Association
Advised Shane Owens in the creation of the CBT Division


Letter of Support

We, the undersigned, strongly recommend that you give your vote to Herbert G. Gingold, PhD as President-Elect of the New York State Psychological Association.

Dr.Gingold has been passionately committed to the advancement and growth of psychology in New York and through his energetic and creative leadership he has helped shape vital NYSPA initiatives, including the LGBTQ Task Force, the newly formed CBT division and the Queens Psychological Association.  Furthermore, he has had a sustaining impact on the many divisions, regions, committees and task forces with which he has been involved. Dr. Gingold would bring to the presidency his considerable experience as a leader, his proven record of promoting collaboration and unity among diverse members of groups and his commitment to enhancing and supporting private practice in New York State.  

Since 1999, his service in NYSPA has been substantial and has included the following:

  • Current Member-at-Large representing Council Members on NYSPA’s Executive Committee
  • Representative to NYSPA’s Council, Division of Psychoanalysis
  • Representative to NYSPA’s Council, Adult Development and Aging Division
  • Consultant to the Clinical Division
  • Member-at-large member of the Manhattan Psychological Association 
  • Consultant to Division of Psychoanalysis
  • Associate Editor and Contributor, The New York State Psychologist
  • Division of Psychoanalysis Program Committee, Chair and Co-Chair

Positions Held on NYSPA-wide Committees:

  • Finance Committee, Committee on Representation, Convention Program Committee, Nominations and Elections Committee, Bylaws Committee, Public Relations Committee 
  • Public Education Committee
  • Fund Raising and Marketing Committee which Dr. Gingold initiated and Chaired

Task Forces Membership Positions:

  • Task Force on Telephone and E-therapy
  • LGBTQ Task Force, which Dr. Gingold initiated and Chaired

Division Leadership:

  • President of Division of Psychoanalysis
  • Represented two different divisions on NYSPA’s Council (Adult Development and Psychoanalysis).  

Regional Leadership:

  • Founding Member and Treasurer of Queens Psychological Association
  • Member-at-Large, Manhattan Psychological Association

Non-NYSPA Organizations:  

  • Chair, Independent Practitioners in Geropsychology
  • Chair, Chamber Music of Kew Gardens
  • Co-Founder, Noir Institute

Dr. Gingold’s extensive professional experience reflects his passion and support for private practice.  We feel that Dr. Gingold’s broad experience, his knowledge of the workings of NYSPA and the favorable alliances he’s established within the organization make him the best candidate for President-Elect of NYSPA.  Please give him your vote.

Tobi Abramson
Andrea Allen
Carolyn AlRoy
Gwen Alter
Daniel Araoz
Lew Aron
Laura Barbanel
Roanne Barnett
Gayle Berg
Barry Blank
Sharon Brennan
David Byrom
Tom Caffrey
Lisa Cane
Elizabeth Carll
James Carnelia
Jeff Carmen
Marie Carrese
Jean Chin
Susanne Cooperman
James Dean
Florence Denmark
Mark Edison
Jeffrey Feinman
Robert Gangi
Carol Goldberg
Frank Goldberg 
William Gottdiener
Karen Greene
Andrea Grunblatt 
Debby Heiser
John Hogan
Pat Hunter
Marianne Jackson
Raphael Javiar
Larry Josephs
Harriette Kaley
Barbara Kapetanakes 
Dan Kaplin
Robert Kassoff
Sharla Khargi
Edward Korber
Jeanne Kotuby
Nanette Kramer
Betsy Landau
Arlene Landes
Julie Lehane
Barbara Lewis
Brian Mahon 
Thomas Mallios
Max Malitsky
Ashwin Mehra
Ruth Mutzner
Jennifer Nadell 
Connie Peretz
Rita Perlin
Artemis Pipinelli
Pat Pitta
Tracey Polizzi
Dianne Polowczyk
Leelawatte Popoli- Lehane
Evelyn Rappoport
Bob Raymond
Debra Rothschild 
Helen Rozelman 
Shara Sand
Jeanette Sawyer Cohen 
Elliot Schiff
Joe Scroppo 
Julie Shaw
Helen Silverman 
Charles Silverstein 
Carolyn Springer
Andrew Tatarsky
Jennifer Walker
Susan Warshaw
Ann Winton
Stefan Zicht