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State Advocacy
Legislative Committee Chair: John Northman, PhD

Federal Advocacy Coordinators: Sabrina Esbitt, PhD & John Northman, PhD

The Legislative Committee (L/C) is the "political arm" of NYSPA. The primary purpose of the L/C is to seek enactment of legislation favorable to psychology and block legislative initiatives unfavorable to the profession. By working directly with governmental units responsible for implementing laws, the L/C also seeks to bring about changes in policy through regulations. The L/C works directly in collaboration with the NYSPA lobbyist.

2016 Legislative Priorities

2016 Legislative Agenda:
  • PLLC: Allowing psychologists to own practices with medical doctors
    - Currently, psychologists can own their own practices, but if they want to create an ownership structure with a medical doctor (i.e. psychiatrist, general practitioner), they must only serve as an employee of the medical doctor.
    - This bill would expand the structures of PLLC to allow a joint ownership; integrating healthcare and increasing access to care for patients.
    PLLC Position Paper
  • Prescriptive Authority (RxP): Permitting psychologists to prescribe psychotropic medications with additional training in pharmacology
    - Psychologists can currently prescribe psychotropic medications in Louisiana, New Mexico, Illinois and in the United State Military.
    - This bill would increase access to care considering the lack of psychiatrists, and the fact that many are not accepting new patients or insurance.
    RxP Position Paper

  • Duty to Protect: Legislation protecting psychologists from reporting potential harm on the public
    - Ensuring psychologists are protected from any type of retaliation or receive immunity from breach of confidentiality if their professional opinion convinces them that authorities should be contacted on behalf of a patient.
    Duty to Protect Position Paper

  • Out of Network Benefits: Requiring insurance companies to offer out of network benefits
    - With the new healthcare exchanges, out of network benefits have been disappearing
    Out-of-Network Benefits Position Paper