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NYSPA Letterhead
The use of NYSPA letterhead is intended for internal purposes only. The NYSPA President or Executive Director are the only signatures authorized to appear on the stationery when mailing to anyone outside the Association, unless there is prior Executive Committee or executive director approval. This ensures policy statements are centrally coordinated and approved.

Work Requests

As the workload on the central office staff has increased dramatically with the rise in membership, and with divisions, committees and task forces buzzing with activity it is necessary to implement the following policy:

All work requests received in the central office must be in writing and require TEN working days to process. This is from the time the request is received in the central office until the job is completed. First come first serve basis. This includes, but is not limited to, typesetting, mailing, agendas, flyers, newsletters, memos, etc. Please call the central office for a schedule. 


If you believe you have an emergency request that must be attended to sooner than ten working days, it will be necessary to obtain prior approval from the Executive Director.


Editorial Policy
The NYSPA Notebook welcomes articles and letters to the editor about psychology and events relevant to NYSPA's membership. It is distributed throughout the United States to psychologist members, politicians, other state associations and APA governance. The Notebook does not print unsigned letters, articles dealing with internal NYSPA issues or personal attacks on individuals.

Hard copy of submissions must be typewritten and double spaced. We accept submission in ASCII, word perfect disk format and e-mail. All material must be received in the central office by the stated deadline.

All letters are subject to editing for space, timeliness, relevance, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, fairness and good taste.

The editorial board reviews articles submitted for relevance and length. The Executive Committee serves in an editorial capacity when a sensitive issue arises that cannot or should not be addressed by the executive editor or the editorial board.


Division, Committee and Task Force Reports
Reports submitted to the central office are included in the next available board packet.


Board Motion Procedures
Motions may be sent to the NYSPA central office at any time; however, to be considered for the next Board meeting, they need to be received 3 weeks in advance of the meeting date. All motions will be reviewed and placed on the Council or Executive Committee agenda as appropriate.

Motions received before the deadline will be reproduced and mailed to all Board members, along with the Council of Representatives meeting notice. Board representatives are asked to discuss the proposed motions with their regional affiliate, division, committee or task force. Any individual Board member may contact the maker of the motion independently, and informally offer their comments or opinion.


Agenda Items Procedure
Agenda items, information only, should be submitted to NYSPA central office at least four weeks prior to the next board meeting. They will be reviewed and placed on the Council or Executive Committee agenda as appropriate.


Contract Signing
Per Appendix A, Article 1, Section A.2 of NYSPA's Rules of Council: No member, regional representative, officer of a division, chair of a committee, or individual Council member may take any action to bind the Association except pursuant to the approval of the Association's treasurer, Executive Committee or executive director. Any contract, lease, purchase, rental, pledging, or other obligation must have prior approval of the Executive Committee of the Council of Representatives or of the executive director. Only the president or the executive director may sign any form of agreement or obligation.

If you are planning a meeting or a workshop or are party to any arrangement on behalf of NYSPA where a contract requires a signature, please contact the central office.


Equipment Purchase Or Lease
Any contract, lease or equipment purchase must have prior approval of the Executive Committee. Equipment is the property of NYSPA and is to be purchased through the NYSPA central office. Equipment is defined as assets used in the division, committee or task force operations having an estimated useful life of one year or longer, or a value of $250 or more.


Use of the NYSPA Name, Acronym or Logo
Since the name of the Association, its acronym and logo, represent the full membership of the Association, and because the use of these symbols may imply an approval and endorsement by the full Association, and because only the President, elected by a majority of the voting members, and the full body of the Council of Representatives do so represent the full membership; only the President, Council of Representatives or executive director shall have the authority to designate the use of the name, acronym and logo of the Association.

Divisions, committees, and task forces are integral components of the Association. Any legal or financial liability generated by them may be imputed for legal purposes to the Association as a whole.

No member, representative, division officer, committee/task force chair or individual member of Council may independently use the name of the Association, the acronym "NYSPA" or the logo of the Association without prior approval of the president, executive director or council of representatives which may act through its executive committee. Any and all materials which include NYSPA's name, acronym, logo or the name of any division, committee or task force must be submitted to the executive director for approval prior to printing.

This rule shall also apply to the use of letterhead in any form, the production of books, materials, psychological testing materials, radio or television productions, videotaping, audio taping, Internet communications, etc. Any profits realized through the use of NYSPA's name, logo, or aegis belong to no one privately.

This rule shall not be interpreted to prevent individual members of NYSPA from identifying their membership in the Association or their holding office or position in the Association as part of their personal credits. This rule does not prevent members representing a group within NYSPA, a region, committee task force, etc. from identifying or representing their constituencies, with appropriate approval of that constituency. But such representation shall make clear that representation is of a group within the Association, and not the full Association unless prior approval is received.


Social Media/Forum Policy
Please click this link to view NYSPA's Social Media/Forum Policy in PDF format.


Mailing Label Requests
The cost for a private advertiser to purchase mailing labels is $700 for a whole or partial list. A copy of the mailing piece and payment must accompany the Mailing List Rental Form. Labels are provided for a one-time use only and are to used exclusively for the purpose specified in the request.


Application for Budget Allocations
The goal of budgeting is to strengthen our financial efforts in support of priorities established by NYSPA's Council of Representatives. All committees and task forces requesting funds must complete an Application for Allocation of Funds for a budget for the fiscal year.


Reimbursement Policies
All requests for reimbursement from the NYSPA central office must be made within 30 days of incurred expense using the Travel and Reimbursement Form and be accompanied by an original receipt. No exceptions are made.

Request for reimbursement of any expenses related to NYSPA business must be approved for payment by the appropriate committee chair, division treasurer, NYSPA Treasurer or Executive Director. There must be money in the specific budget to cover the expenditure or they will not be reimbursed. If you have questions on funds in your budget call the central office to verify monies available PRIOR to the scheduling of your function.

NYSPA reimburses authorized travel expenses in the amount of the actual expense or at the following rates, whichever is less: Air or Train Travel Best current economy fare available
Car Travel $0.40 per mile
Parking no more than $30 per day

NYSPA does not reimburse for meal costs. Incidental expenses for refreshments at a meeting, up to $100, are eligible for reimbursement. Programs involving meals (workshops, conferences) require pre-approval from the NYSPA Treasurer/Executive Director. No alcohol costs are reimbursed.

NYSPA will reimburse car rental only with prior approval (least expensive to advance NYSPA interests.)

Any equipment or supplies purchased with NYSPA funds that can be used by other committees/divisions must be returned to central office following authorized use so they may be available for others future use.

NYSPA will not reimburse anticipated expenses (tickets purchased in advance will not be reimbursed until after travel occurs.)

The above referenced polices are strictly adhered to. Requests for reimbursement which do not meet the above criteria will be returned unreimbursed. No exceptions will be made.