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Neuropsychology Division

2020 Executive Board

President (2020) Delrita Abercrombie, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2015
President-Elect (2020) Vacant 
Past President (2020) Edward Korber, PhD NYSPA Member Since 1998
Secretary (2020-22) Edward Korber, PhD NYSPA Member Since 1998
Treasurer (2019-21) Delrita Abercrombie, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2015
Representative to Council (2018-20) Anu Raj, PsyD NYSPA Member Since 2009
Alt Rep to Council (2019-21) Christopher Collier, PsyD NYSPA Member Since 2001
Student Representative (2020) Kristen Parente NYSPA Member Since 2016


About the Division

Mission Statement: The Neuropsychology Division is a group of psychologists with expertise and/or interest in the brain-behavior relationship. The division serves as an educational vehicle to increase the knowledge of our members, provide for the exchange of information among our peers, and disseminate valuable information to the larger group of NYSPA psychologists. In addition, the division will serve as a source of advocacy for our patients, as well as for the practice of Neuropsychology as a profession.

What We Do: Neuropsychology is an advanced specialty that is an exclusive domain of psychologists, and it is of great value to the population at large. Our practitioners are instrumental in diagnosing congenital cognitive and neuropsychological issues in children and adults. Our expertise enables our patients to receive the interventions and accommodations necessary for their educational and career development. Neuropsychologists perform differential diagnosis of cognitive and neuropsychological disorders that result from disease and trauma, thereby facilitating appropriate treatment. Neuropsychologists' understanding of the brain-behavior relationship gives them the unique ability to prescribe and administer appropriate interventions that prevent or reduce the effects of disability and/or delay deterioration.

Who Can Join: Membership in the Neuropsychology Division is open to all members of NYSPA in good standing. While membership is open to full members, associate members, and student affiliate members, only full members of NYSPA may hold elected positions.


The Journal of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy published the Neuropsychology Division Conference:

Health Disparities, Trauma, Disruptive and Criminal Behaviors and the Adolescent Brain

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Division Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2016

June 17, 2016

May 20, 2016

April 15, 2016

January 15, 2016

October 8, 2015


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