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NYSPA History

The New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA) has been a pioneer organization for psychology in America. The association has been in the forefront of most professional advances and has established many firsts in psychology. It was the first state psychological association, it was the first group to press for legislation recognizing the professional of psychology, and it was the first psychological organization to adopt an official code of ethics (McCarthy, 1956). But the organization has had a convoluted and bumpy evolution, as the history which follows will demonstrate. 

Since its founding in 1921, as the New York State Association of Consulting Psychologists, the organization has gone through several changes of name and organization. On one occasion, the New York group formed the core of a new national association and the state-based group had to reestablish itself as an organization. In part because of these changes, the history of NYSPA is best understood as divided into several distinct periods (McCarthy, 1956). These periods are more fully explained in the pages that follow. 

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