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NYSPA is governed by an Executive Committee and a Council of Representatives, which represents NYSPA's varied interests and concerns. Members of Council are listed with their respective positions on Council.

Access to the NYSPA Board Portal is restricted to Council of Representatives only. If you are a Council member and have not received access please contact

Executive Committee

January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018
The Executive Committee serves on the Council of Representatives and consists of the following officers:
• 5 members elected by membership – President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer
• 2 members elected by Council from Council– Members at Large
• 3 members in parliamentarian positions, appointed by the President
• 2 APA Council Rep(s) – elected by APA apportionment ballot

President (2018)
Herbert Gingold, PhD
Member since 1995

President-Elect (2018)
Alan Hack, PhD
Member since 1995

Parliamentarian (2018)


Secretary (2017-19)
Adriana DiMatteo, PsyD
Member since 2010

Member at Large (2017-18)
Jean Lau Chin, EdD
Member since 2008
APA Rep (2018-20)
June Feder, PhD
Member since 1988

Treasurer (2018-20)                 Julie Lehane, PhD                 Member since 2006

Member at Large (2018-19)
Barbara Kapetanakes 
Member since 2000

Director of Professional Affairs     Jerry Grodin, PhD                           Member since 1991

Interim Executive Director
Marcia Spector
Staff since 2018


Past President

Roy Aranda, PsyD, JD

2016 NYSPA President 

Member Since 2008


Division Representatives

Each division has representation based on the number of members of that division. Division representatives to Council serve three-year terms.

Academic (2018-20)
Gwen Gerber, PhD       
Member since 1983

ECP (2018-20)                                   Erik Moore, PhD                      Member since 2007                   
Psychoanalysis (2017-19)                 Susan Warshaw, EdD, ABPP                         Member since 2004    

Addictions (2017-19)         Teresa Lopez-Castro         Member since 2015                  2nd Term 

Forensic (2016-18)                 Claude Schleduderer, PhD        Member since 1991                         . Psychoanalysis (2016-18)             Evelyn Rappoport, PsyD    Member since 1992                           .

Adult (2018-20)                       Julie Shaw, EdD                 Member since 2009                   2nd Term

Group (2016-18)                      Suki Montgomery Hall, PhD      Member since 2016                            . School (2018-20)             Deborah Lazarus, PsyD   Member since 2000                         .

Clinical (2018-20)                   Dianne Polowczyk, PhD         Member since 1993                    2nd Term

IPD (2017-19)                        Robert Raymond, PhD             Member since 2007.                 2nd Term 

Social (2017-19)             Marianne Jackson, PhD    Member since 1984                      .

Clinical (2016-18)                       Frank Corigliano, PhD          Member since 2007

OCW (2017-19)                           Carol Goldberg, PhD      Member since 1969                2nd Term Women's Issues (2017-19)    Carolyn Springer, PhD       Member since 2009  

CBT (2016-18)                                 Deena Abbe, PhD              Member since 2008   

Neuropsychology (2018-20)                              Anu Raj, PsyD              Member since 2009
Social (2017-19)
Marianne Jackson, PhD
Member since 1984

DCRE (2018-20)                          Vernon Smith, PhD             Member since 2015

NYSPAGS (2018)
Jennifer Lee                 Member since 2015
Women's Issues (2017-19)       Jean Lau Chin, EdD               Member since 2008               2nd Term


Regional Representatives to Council

Each region has representation based on the number of members of that division. Regional representatives to Council serve three-year terms.

Brooklyn (2018-120)               James Dean, PhD               Member since 1989 

Nassau (2017-19)                     TBD                                                  .

Rockland (2018-20)                 TBD                                                 .                                          

Central NY (2017-19)          Bernice Gottschalk, PhD     Member since 2013             2nd Term 

PANNY (2018-20)                  Susan Cox, PhD                Member since 1992              2nd Term  Suffolk (2016-18)                    Sagit Vishnia, PsyD           Member since 2014                   .

Genesee Valley (2018-20)       TBD                                            .                                                    .

PAWNY (2018-20)                  Elvira Aletta, PhD                Member since 2013               2nd Term 

Westchester (2018-20)      Adam Weissman, PhD Member since 2011                        .

Hudson Valley (2017-19)     Miriam Lacher, PhD           Member since 1982  |   2nd Term            

Queens (2018-20)
Andrea Allen, PhD         Member since 2000

Manhattan (2016-18)                 Jim Rebeta, PhD                 Member since 1990  |    2nd Term

Richmond (2016-18)