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Division of Early Career Psychologists
Welcome to the first state psychological ECP division in the country!

2020 Early Career Division Executive Board

President (2020)   Alison Gurley, PsyD   NYSPA Member Since 2017
President-Elect (2020)   Alison Gurley, PsyD
  NYSPA Member Since 2017
Past President (2020)   Courtney Bancroft, PsyD   NYSPA Member Since 2017
Secretary/Treasurer (2020-22)
  Fanny Ng, PhD
  NYSPA Member Since 2019
Member at Large (2020-22)   Vacant  
Representative to Council (2018-20)
  Erik Moore, PhD
  NYSPA Member Since 2007 
Alt Rep to Council (2020-22)


The ECP DIvision is focuses on the development of psychologists entering the profession, empowering its members through advocacy, mentoring, and education.

Who We Are/A Brief History
In 2005, the New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA) formed an Ad hoc Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Committee to demonstrate NYSPA’s commitment to supporting the needs and interests of ECPs. In March 2008, this committee successfully petitioned NYSPA Council for Divisional status and became the first Early Career Psychologists division in the country!

Who can Join the Division?
Advanced Doctoral students who completed their internship can join the ECP division at a discounted rate. Once a member receives their Doctorate degree, he/she will achieve full membership status. There is no upper limit for membership since NYSPA members may benefit from aspects of the ECP division at any point in their career. For example, a more seasoned clinician who has worked in hospital settings throughout his/her career may feel “less experienced” in starting a private practice and may benefit from the resources and programs that the ECP division provides. In order to ensure accurate representation of ECP needs, elected board members will need to be within 10 years of receiving their Doctoral degree.

What are the Benefits of Joining NYSPA and the ECP Division?
There are many benefits of joining the New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA) and the Early Career Psychologists (ECP) Division.

Once a member of the ECP Division, subscribe to the “Members Only” NYSPA ECP list serve. This is the best way to receive communications, updates and other important information, so please subscribe today!  You can also access the ECP Members only Media which includes several valuable webinars, videos and audio files.

How can I join and become an ECP Division Member?
Click here to join the ECP Division online, or call (518) 437-1040.