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Division of Women's Issues

2020 Executive Board

President (2020) Artemis Pipinelli, PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 2004
President-Elect (2020) Artemis Pipinelli, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2004
Past President (2020) Vivi Hua, PsyD NYSPA Member Since 2014
Secretary (2020-22) Eartha Hackett, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2014
Treasurer (2020-22) Rita Perlin, PhD NYSPA Member Since 1982
Representative to Council (2020-22) Carolyn Springer, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2009
Alt Rep to Council (2020-21) Julie Pellman, PhD NYSPA Member Since 2004


About the Division

The Division of Women’s Issues, DOWI, is part of the New York State Psychological Association, which represents the professional and political concerns of psychologists in New York State.

DOWI was founded in 1983 in order to provide a forum for the professional, political, and personal interests of women psychologists and others concerned with women’s issues. 

We are an open group representing all of the fields of psychology. We make special efforts to include psychologists and psychology graduate students of different ethnicities, life styles, and professional fields, in order to create a stimulating diverse group spirit.

As women have made gains in the workplace and in achieving equal rights in our society, we broaden our focus on women’s concerns from access and equity to such issues as social justice, work-family balance, and leadership. Together, we can advance women’s issues in New York!

Our Purpose:

  • To promote the study of the psychology of women and gender issues
  • To increase awareness among mental health professionals of social and psychological issues of importance to women
  • To advocate for the needs of women professionals in psychology as well as the needs of women consumers of psychological services

Psychologists and psychology graduate students who are members of the New York State Psychological Association are eligible for membership in DOWI.
Other individuals and organizations are welcome to join us in events of mutual interests.


  • Free membership for graduate students
  • Free membership for early career psychologists during their first year with DOWI
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Leadership development opportunities and involvement within DOWI and United Nations
  • Opportunities to present and collaborate on research and clinical work
  • Discounts to DOWI sponsored 

Individuals of diverse backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join DOWI, men included!


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The Division of Women's Issues (DOWI) is seeking nominations for candidates for the Margaret Floy Washburn Award. Each year, the Margaret Floy Washburn Award is given to a person who has made a significant contribution in one or more areas of feminist concerns, such as (but not exclusive to:)

  • promoting the study of gender and social issues of importance to women
  • furthering the needs of women professionals
  • promoting the understanding and observance of ethical principles which recognize the gender issues affecting women patients
  • furthering research about the psychology of women Candidates may be male or female and need not be members of NYSPA.

Nominations should include a statement summarizing the major feminist contributions of the candidate. Additional outstanding accomplishments should also be included. Nominees will be asked to provide the Chair with a statement and a bio for consideration by the committee.

Past recipients of the Margaret Floy Washburn Award include: Ruth Ochroch, Virginia Staudt Sexton, Stefanie Steinfeld, Joan Einwohner, Florence Denmark, Judith Antrobus, Barbara L Claster, Sue Rosenberg Zalk, Leonore Loeb Adler, Marianne Jackson, Senator Barbara Boxer, Helga Weiss, Judith Alpert, Barbara Cowen, Melba Vasquez


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