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Continuing Education Committee

Chair: John D. Hogan, PhD

Committee Members:

Gwen Gerber, PhD

Carol Goldberg, PhD 

Vivi Hua, PhD

Dan Kaplin, PhD

Erica Weissman, PsyD

The role of the Continuing Education Committee is to oversee and approve continuing education (CE) programs and activities sponsored by the Foundation of the New York State Psychological Association.


NYSPA is in the process of applying to be recognized as a CE granting agency. Currently it does not have the right to grant CE credit on its own.  


Future goals:

  1. Promoting, via the CE approval system, the presentation of high-quality continuing education programs in New York State.
  2. Providing outreach, information dissemination, and consultation on continuing education to NYSPA members, divisions, and regional groups.
If you would like to provide continuing education credits for your program or workshop, please complete the forms below.  We request that applicants view the webinar below, and continue to use the detailed information therein as a reference guide before submitting your completed application for review by the committee.

If you have any questions, please contact NYSPA's Office at


Please be sure to review the CE Policies and Procedures Manual and the webinar below before completing the forms.

Please print the full CE Application Forms for your own records.

Listed below are sample forms that will allow you to add your own information (updated 3/31/16).

Video: CE Committee Past Chair Dr. David Glenwick reviews the process for applying for Continuing Education with NYSPA.

CE News and Updates

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