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Adult Development and Aging

2020 Executive Board

President (2020)  Herb Gingold, PhD  NYSPA Member Since 1995
President-Elect (2020)  Vacant   
Past President (2020)  Ruth Mutzner, PhD     NYSPA Member Since 1996
Secretary (2020-22) Shibani Ray-Mazumder, ScD PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 2015
Treasurer (2020-22)  Amy Schaffer, PhD  NYSPA Member Since 1991
Member at Large (2018-20)  Herb Gingold, PhD  NYSPA Member Since 1995
Representative to Council (2018-20) Julie Shaw, EdD NYSPA Member Since 2009
Alt Rep to Council (2018-20)  Herb Gingold, PhD
 NYSPA Member Since 1995
Alt Rep to Council (2020-22)  Ruth Mutzner, PhD  NYSPA Member Since 1996


About the Division

The division has as its goals to educate professional and the public about normal development in later life and aging, to increase professional and public awareness about clinical psychological services, to train practitioners in clinical psychological services for older adults and the aging, to participate in the development of service and advocacy systems for older persons and their families, to provide professional forums for professionals, students and the public to share information, and to support research in areas of adult development and aging. 

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Meeting Minutes

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Professional Organizations for Geropsychologists

During his term as president of this division (1998), Dr. Gregory Hinrichsen organized and made available a very useful list of professional organizations relevant to persons with interest in working as psychologists with older adults. Below is an update version of his list:

American Psychological Association (APA), Division 12, Section II -- Clinical Geropsychology
This section of Division 12 focuses on issues pertinent to psychological practitioners with particular interest in clinical issues in aging. Section 2 sponsors sessions on this topic at APA's annual meeting and issues a newsletter to members. Current annual dues are $15 ($5 for students). Persons interested in joining should contact Bernice A. Marcopoulos, PhD, Section II Membership Co-Chair, Neuropsychology Lab, Western State Hospital, Box 2500, Stauton, VA 24402-2500. Office  (540) 332-8391, fax (540) 332-8385.

American Psychological Association (APA), Division 20 -- Adult Development & Aging
Members of APA's Division 20 represent psychologists with a wide range of interests related to aging, including direct service, academia and research. This division distributes a quarterly newsletter, which includes announcements of meetings, grant offers and jobs. It also has a publication of interest to students, A Guide to Doctoral Study in the Psychology of Adult Development and Aging. Persons with more specific questions or without Internet access may contact Thomas M. Hess, PhD, Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7801. Phone  (919) 515-1729, Fax (919) 515-1716.

Gerontological Society of America (GSA), Mental Health and Aging Practice Group
The Gerontological Society of America is the premier interdisciplinary professional organization in the field of aging. Membership includes subscriptions to The Gerontologist,The Journals of Gerontology, and Gerontology News. Annual membership costs $120 ($65 for students). Their e-mail address is The chair of the Membership Committee is Judith Gonyea. The Mental Health and Aging Practice Group is the third largest of the 27 professional interest groups within GSA. This group provides opportunities for networking, collaborating on research and increased professional involvement. Interested persons are invited to attend its meeting, held annually. For more information about his practice group, contact Margaret Norris, PhD,  (409) 845-2507, fax (409) 845-4727.

American Society on Aging (ASA), Mental Health and Aging Network
The American Society on Aging is a national organization of individuals working in the field of aging, with primary emphasis on practice issues. ASA offers many courses each year, at different sites around the country, on aging-related topics. Within ASA, there is the Mental Health and Aging Network, which issues a newsletter with updates in this area. If you are interested in joining ASA, contact: American Society on Aging, 833 Market Street, Ste 511, San Francisco, CA 94103-1824 or call  (415) 974-9600 . Their Web address is

Psychologists in Long Term Care (PLTC)
This is a networking group created in the early 1980's to give persons who work with older adults an opportunity to share their interests and expertise, to advocate for causes related to aging and mental health, and to support the mental health needs of residents in long term care settings.  Newsletters are published quarterly. Meetings are held twice a year, at APA in August and GSA in November. PLTC has developed a professional article, Standards for Psychological Services in Long-Term Care Facilities, which was published in the Gerontologist, 1998, Volume 38, pp. 122-127. These standards are intended both to guide geropsychologists in their work and to inform others of what geropsychologists do.  A second publication, Geropsychology and Long Term Care: A Practitioner’s Guide, also authored by PLTC members, is being published by Springer US and is due for release in Fall, 2008,  Membership is open to psychologists, affiliate membership is open to related disciplines, and student memberships are available.  Dues are waived for first-year student members.  For information about joining PLTC, contact Amy Rosett, PhD, M