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2020 Election Information

The NYSPA campaign season is now underway!


Campaign Season
Running through October 31, 2020, voters will have the ability to become better acquainted with candidates running for office, which will include information provided on the NYSPA website. For current available information, please see links in the Candidates section below. 


NYSPA Elections
Voting will take place October 1 through October 31, 2020. Those elected will assume office January 1, 2021.


Who Can Vote?
2020 NYSPA members in good standing as of September 1, 2020 may vote for NYSPA President-Elect a nd Treasurer.

O nly division members in good standing as of September 1, 2020 can vote in their own division-wide elections and the same is in effect for regional representatives.


Important Election & Campaigning Rules

Please note that not adhering to the rules may jeopardize a nominee's candidacy.


  1. NEGATIVE CAMPAIGNING. No negative campaigning. Consequence: The candidate will be given up to two warnings and must remove the negative statement(s) within 24 hours. After three instances, or if the offender does not remove negatives statements, the candidate will be removed from the slate.

  2. NO PARTICIPATION IN NYSPA PROGRAMS. During the one month campaigning season, NYSPA-wide candidates shall not participate in any NYSPA program that singles them out for exceptional treatment or attention at the expense of any other candidate. Consequence: Each NYSPA-wide candidate will be asked to withdraw from any scheduled programs during the campaigning season. If they refuse, they will be removed from the slate.


  3. NO DIVISION/REGION ENDORSEMENTS. No Divisions or Regions may endorse any NYSPA-wide candidate. Consequence: Any such endorsement will be retracted and a public apology posted to wherever the offending post was made. Refusal to issue the retraction and apology will result in the candidate’s removal from the slate.


  4. SOCIAL MEDIA USE.NYSPA-wide candidates may include the fact of their candidacy and their platform on their own personal social media pages. Other individuals may endorse NYSPA-wide candidates on the candidate’s personal social media page IF those individuals are NOT on the Executive Committee or Nominations and Elections Committee. These communications must be positive in tone. Consequence: Statements negative in tone will require removal of the offending post within 24 hours.If the statement is not removed within 24 hours, or another violation occurs, the candidate will be removed from the slate.


  5. COMMUNICATION. All NYSPA members may talk with any other NYSPA members about their interest in and choice of a NYSPA-wide candidate. We ask that this be in the nature of a positive communication.


  6. OFFICIAL CAMPAIGNING MATERIALS. Candidates for President-Elect and NYSPA wide offices may submit a picture, biography and platform statement to be posted on NYSPA’s Candidate Statement page of NYSPA’s website. Candidates may include an endorsement list on their page. No EC or N&E committee member may add their name to any Candidate endorsement list. In addition, there will be a town hall meeting for NYSPA wide candidates to discuss their candidacies and answer questions. All campaign materials and communications must be in a positive tone. Negative materials will not be posted. We ask that other NYSPA members do not endorse candidates on the listserv but may do so on candidate campaign pages on NYSPA’s website.


  7. DIVISION LISTSERVE USE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS: Due to the many complaints from members about volume and redundancy of campaign related posts, campaigning shall no longer take place on division listserves. Consequences: A candidate will be given up to 2 warnings of posts about them appearing on a division listserve; a 3rd posting will result in the candidate being removed from slate.


  8. GENERAL MEMBER LISTSERVE USE DURING ELECTION CAMPAIGNS: Candidates may present their platform on the member listserve up to 3 times during the campaign season; posts shall be spaced throughout the season such that there is one in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end. Candidates shall post in a professional manner with no indication that calls them out for special attention (i.e., I am running a program next week, please join me). The N&E committee will moderate & release campaign posts to the listserve however, in the unlikely event inappropriate posts do go through, full responsibility and consequence lies with the sender. If a negative post goes through, the candidate will be contacted and made aware the post was inappropriate and such a post shall not be made again. Consequences: Any member requiring a moderator to contact them for inappropriate posting submissions 3 times will not be allowed to post to the listserve again until the campaign time is over.


If you have any questions, please contact Central Office or the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, Alan Hack


2020 NYSPA Nominations & Elections Committee:

Alan Hack – Past-President of NYSPA, Chair
Herb Gingold  – co-chair
Leonard Davidman
Daniel Kaplin
Elvira Aletta
Bridget Amatore
Robin Lynch

N&E Committee members cannot run for any NYSPA-wide office.


2021 President-Elect Candidates

Barbara Kapetanakes, PsyD

Bruce Frumkin, PhD


Click here to learn more about
Dr. Kapetanakes and view a list of
her endorsers.

Click here to learn more about
Dr. Frumkin and view a list of
his endorsers


2021 Treasurer Candidate
Ann Altoonian, PsyD

Click Here for the 2021 Division and
Regional Candidates