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2019 Election Information

The NYSPA campaign season is now underway!


Click here to view the 2019 Town Hall featuring the 2020 Candidates for President-Elect and Secretary.


Campaign Season
Running through November 30, 2019, voters will have the ability to become better acquainted with candidates running for office, which will include information provided on the NYSPA website. For current available information, please see links in the Candidates section below. 


NYSPA Elections
Voting will take place November 1 through December 5, 2019. Those elected will assume office January 1, 2020.


Who Can Vote?
All 2019 full NYSPA members can vote for NYSPA President-Elect and NYSPA Secretary.  

Only division members can vote in their own division-wide elections and the same is in effect for regional representatives.


Important Rules During the Campaign Season
The official rules ratified by NYSPA council that will govern the 2019 election can be found below  

Election Rules

If you do not follow the rules below you might jeopardize the candidacy of the candidate.

  1. No member of the Nominations and Elections Committee or the NYSPA Executive Board may publicly endorse a candidate. They may in private conversations.

  2. NYSPA members who would like to be listed as a supporter of a candidate on the NYSPA website must give written notice to Central Office. Central Office will then get approval from the candidate to add the name to the list.

  3. Individual members of NYSPA may endorse a preferred candidate in personal conversations with  colleagues and in the NYSPA Election webpages.

  4. Conference and Event Planners: Division or Region events that include one candidate must also be open to all other candidates for that office.


If you have any questions, please contact Central Office or the Chair of the Nominations and elections Committee, Herb Gingold. 

We salute all candidates for stepping up to the plate to serve our members.


2019 NYSPA Nominations & Elections Committee*:

Co-Chair: Herb Gingold, PhD
Co-Chair: Jean L Chin, EdD
Divisional Rep: Dan Kaplin, PhD
Divisional Rep: Vivi Hua, PsyD
Regional Rep: Lenny Davidman, PhD
Regional Rep: Elvira Aletta, PhD
At Large: Robin Lynch, PhD  

*Please note: N&E Committee members cannot run for any NYSPA-wide office.


2020 NYSPA President-Elect Candidate

Christine Allen, PhD

Click here to learn more about Dr. Allen.
Click here for Dr. Allen's endorsers.


2020 Secretary Candidates

Adriana DiMatteo, PsyD

Michelle Woogen, PsyD

Click here to learn more about Dr. DiMatteo.
Click here for Dr. DiMatteo's endorsers.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Woogen.


Click Here for the 2020 Division Candidates