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A Message from the NYSPA President on COVID-19

Friday, March 6, 2020  

Dear Members,

I write this message to let you know that NYSPA is monitoring the impact of the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (or COVID-19). This virus continues to be a source of anxiety for us, our clients and students, and the general public. Several universities have cancelled their study abroad programs, conferences, classes, and so forth. Those of us who are in practice have experienced concerns from our patients about contracting the virus. Lastly, COVID-19 has also been a source of bigotry and hate.

As part of your leadership team, NYSPA is engaged in several actions on your behalf. 

  1. Providing Educational Resources:
    1. World Health Organization (WHO) provides information regarding the spread of COVID-19 with an international context. For more information please go to:

    2. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines on COVID-19: On their website, there are several guidelines and recommendations about the prevention, spread, and treatment of the virus. For more information please go to:

    3. American Psychological Association (APA) Guidelines for Practitioners: Provides recommendations to prepare one’s practice and maintain client contact should COVID-19 become more widespread. For more information please go to:

    4. American College Health Association (ACHA): Prepared guidelines for universities and health centers on how to address COVID-19. For more information please go to:

  2.  Meetings at the Practice Leadership Conference (PLC) and Follow-up Actions

    1. I will be meeting with Dr. Jared Skillings, Chief of Professional Practice, American Psychological Association, for guidance on how to further address this within New York State.

    2. Dr. Jerry Grodin will be discussing this issue with other Directors of Professional Affairs in their meetings.

    3. After we return from PLC, Dr. Grodin will be preparing a DPA Dispatch on this topic and breaking down each insurance company’s position on telemental health.

  3. Advocacy

    1. COVID-19 has also been added to our legislative team meetings. Park Strategies (our lobbyist team) is currently working on strategies to get a meeting with Governor Cuomo and other appropriate parties to see what ways we can get temporary relief in telemental heath.


We will continue to update you as we gather any new information. Wishing you a safe and wonderful weekend.


Daniel Kaplin, PhD
President, New York State Psychological Association