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2018 President-Elect Candidate Dr. Alan Hack

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Personal Statement

NYSPA should be the Association for all psychologists in New York. The thousands of psychologists in our state can benefit from the strength, resources, and opportunities which our organization offers.  Together we are stronger, and this is the message we must focus upon to further empower our members. 

The landscape of mental health delivery has changed rapidly.  Psychologists are working harder for less reimbursement, the competition with other professionals has increased, and obtaining professional opportunities demands more creativity, time and energy.  Providing assistance to members as they navigate this landscape will promote a cohesive, growing membership.  

We must provide an association that is more effective, relevant and engaging.

To do this, we must spend our energy upon using resources to grow our organization.   It is our common goals which bond our members, committees, regions, and divisions. We must offer more programming, benefits, advocacy, marketing and assistance to members for their professional lives.  Our message should be clear, “Join Us: Together We Are Stronger!" 

As President, I will work with central office, divisions, regions, and marketing professionals to create campaigns that attract new members.  I will strive to create an intellectual home for all of our members by supporting their efforts to publish scientific papers, create more opportunities for peer-reviewed research, and improve our programming to be recognized as a source of scientific expertise. Finally, I will continue to support and expand our legislative agenda, grass-roots advocacy and coalition building that will lead to the protection of our profession at a state level.

My biographical statement attests to my considerable experience in psychology and within NYSPA.  I have been honored to call NYSPA my professional home and its members my professional family.  I hope that you have confidence in my leadership and that you vote for me as your next President.  



Biographical Sketch

When I was 13 I read a book about the therapy of an autistic child, Jordi, Lisa and David.  It was at that moment I decided to be a psychologist because I wanted to help people realize whatever potential they have.  In 30 years of clinical practice and organizational development work, I have consciously focused upon this goal.  I observe and holistically view each person, each situation and try to imagine the best possible outcome; then I work to identify and overcome whatever obstacles there are to obtaining that outcome.

I started my professional life working as a mental health aide in an inpatient hospital during my undergraduate years. Given my interest, I was allowed to participate and eventually co-lead family and multi-family therapy groups.  I understood then, and have continued to learn, that the complexities of interpersonal dynamics are important to understanding the individual as well as the group.

As I moved through graduate school at New School for Social Research, I focused on individual therapy.  At PostGraduate Center for Mental Health, I was an intern and then a candidate in the four-year certification program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.  After graduating both the graduate and post-doctoral programs, I began my private practice. I was also employed by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in their employee assistance program; an experience which introduced me to the devastating impact of alcohol and substance abuse upon individuals and their communities. 

Following this, I was Chief Psychologist at Regent Hospital, a private inpatient psychiatric facility in Manhattan.  It was there that I was responsible for psychological assessments, providing psychotherapy with hospitalized adult and adolescent patients as well as oversaw our use of outside psychologist testers.  I was a member of a program restructuring team which was created to meet the demands of managed care and help the hospital remain viable during this significant transition.

After leaving the hospital, I established, marketed and managed a clinical practice with 10 therapists in New York City. Assisting and directing other psychologists and social workers with their practice within the organization I co-founded was very rewarding, but I discovered that I preferred working with individual patients, helping them understand and navigate the lives they lead.  Subsequently, I continued my own clinical practice with a NYC office and opened a home office in Rockland County and have enjoyed a satisfying and financially successful career.  My practice provides individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to adults with depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues, as well as gender and sexual identity conflicts.

One of the rewards of being a psychologist is that we have skills which allow us to apply our abilities in a variety of settings.  While the individual work has been gratifying, 12 years ago I sought to expand my professional horizons.  I participated in a yearlong training which identified clinical skills and successfully applied these tools to the business world.  Subsequently, I have enjoyed immense gratification in my work as an effective organizational development consultant, providing strategic planning, leadership development, and executive coaching to businesses both large and small.

While establishing my professional career, I had always been keenly aware that participating in communal life was necessary to my growth and fulfilment. As a student, I participated on the graduate school panel to revise the comprehensive exam process.  Once I graduated, I became active in the alumni society of the PostGraduate Center Training Program.  I was member-at-large and then Treasurer for several years.  I was also on a committee which established a new psychoanalytic training program after the original program was no longer supported by the PostGraduate Center for Mental Health.

When I moved to Rockland County in 1999, I participated on a local faith-based community board of trustees, and I joined the Rockland Psychological Society to establish my connection to other psychologists in the community. Since that time, I have been on the Executive Board, first as a Member-at-Large, then as Treasurer, and then as a Vice President.  

When Rita Perlin became NYSPA President in 2005, I became the Representative to Council.  Since that time, I have been an active member in all aspects of NYSPA.  I spent six years on Council as the representative; two of those years as Member-at-Large on the Executive Committee.  Following this, I became Parliamentarian for the next six Presidents.  In 2014, I was elected Treasurer and I continue in that capacity.  From my positions on the Executive Committee, I have had many opportunities to work with and learn from many inspiring individuals just as I have received a firsthand understanding of the entire framework of NYSPA. 

Not only have I actively participated in Governance, I have also been involved with several committees and divisions: I have been a member of the Finance Committee, the Awards Committee, two Strategic Planning Committees, and the By-Laws Committee;  I have worked on two search committees for a new Executive Director;  I have participated in Lobby Day several times; I am a member of the Grassroots Advocacy Committee; and for over a decade I have been a member of the OCW and Psychoanalysis divisions. Each of these experiences has shown me that we have dedicated, thoughtful people who participate in countless hours of volunteer work to help psychologists, patients and their communities.

On a personal level, I am fortunate to have a wonderful partner for 24 years, two sons who have grown into wonderful human beings, and the enjoyment of many close friends and family, all who fill my life with joy, great meaning and immense gratification

I believe that NYSPA is a powerful, important organization which has the potential, through collaboration, communication, and visionary thinking, to be even greater.



List of Supporters

We, the undersigned, strongly recommend that you give your vote to Alan Hack, PhD as President-Elect of the New York State Psychological Association. 

Deena Abbe, PhD
Elvita Aletta, PhD
Christine Allen, PhD
William Bennison, PhD
James P. Butters, PsyD
William DiScipio, PhD
Wendy B Doret, PhD, PC
Sabrina Esbitt, PhD
Todd Essig, PhD
Brianna Fava, PhD
Barbara Fontana, PhD
Tanya Gesek, PhD
Mark Grey, PhD
Neil Grossman, PhD
Theresa M. Jaworski, PhD
Richard Juman, PsyD
Marlene Kasman, PhD
Ali Khadivi, PhD
Maury Lacher, PhD
Miriam Lacher, PhD
Barbara Lewis, PhD
Paul Moglia, PhD
Keith Moss, PhD
Montie Mills Meehan, PhD
Michael Nissenbaum, PhD
John Northman, PhD
George H Northrup, PhD
Suzanne Phillips, PhD
Simon A. Rego, PsyD, ABPP,  ACT
Suzanne Roff, PhD
Dinelia Rosa, PhD
Cherie B. Ruben, PhD
Michael Schwalberg, PhD
Amy Ludwig Shuman, PhD
Martha B. Viglietta, PhD
Jennifer Walker, PsyD


To add your name to this list of supporters, please send your request in writing via one of the following: email, fax to (518) 437-0177 or mail to NYSPA, 3 Pine West Plaza, Ste 308, Albany, NY 12205.