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2016 Election Information

Dear NYSPA Member,

This coming October 2016 you will be voting for NYSPA and Division Officers as well as Division and Region Council Representatives. Those elected will assume office January 1, 2017.

You will be sent an electronic ballot in October. 

Campaign Season: August 1 through September 23, 2016:
During the months of August and September you will have a chance to see who is running for NYSPA-wide and Division offices so that you can become better acquainted with them. Some offices have at least two people running. Although some are uncontested, write-ins will be allowed.

Who can vote?
All full NYSPA members can vote for NYSPA President-Elect and NYSPA Secretary. Only division members can vote in their own division-wide elections and the same is in effect for Regional representatives. Again, the actual election will be in October; not now.

NYSPA Candidate Webpages:
There is one candidate for 2017 NYSPA President-Elect, Dr. Patricia C. Dowds. You will be able to read her bio and statement by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

As soon as we receive them you will also see listings of supporters of the presidential candidates.

There is one person running for NYSPA Secretary: Dr. Adriana DiMatteo.

A new feature will be the Q&A for the president-elect slots.

Division Candidates
Here are the division candidates whose names will appear on the October ballot:

Division Candidates

IMPORTANT RULES during the campaign season:
These are the official rules ratified by NYSPA council that will govern the 2016 election: 

Election Rules

However, we want to highlight the following rules. If you do not follow the rules you might jeopardize the candidacy of the candidate. 

  1. Between August 1 and September 23, 2016 any NYSPA Member, Division Board, or Regional Board wishing to be included in a candidate's web-based list of supporters shall send written notice to Central Office. Central Office will then get approval from the candidate to add the name to the list.

    Updates shall occur at least weekly.

  2. No member of the Nominations and Elections Committee or of the Executive Board may publicly endorse a candidate. They may in private conversations.

  3. An Executive Board of a Division or Region may endorse a preferred candidate only in the NYSPA election webpages, where it will be listed (as the "Executive Board of...") along with other supporters.

  4. Individual members of NYSPA may endorse a preferred candidate in personal conversations with colleagues and in the NYSPA election webpages.

  5. Conference and Event Planners: Division or Region events that include one candidate must also be open to all other candidates for that office.

Not allowed:

  • No NYSPA member nor candidate may use or cause to be used any form of social media or mass communication (except the website as described above) for endorsements or electioneering.
  • No Listserve postings regarding the election.
  • No social media [Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.]
  • No email nor snail mail mass mailings.
  • No electronic mail merge.

If you have any questions, please contact Central Office or the Chair of the Nominations and elections Committee, Leonard Davidman 

If you do not follow the rules you might jeopardize the candidacy of the candidate.

We salute all candidates for stepping up to the plate to serve our members.


Leonard Davidman, PhD
Chair, 2016 NYSPA Nominations & Elections Committee

Rochelle Balter
Barbara Fontana
Robin Lynch
Julie Shaw
Sue Warshaw
Roy Aranda, NYSPA Pres. - ex officio



2017 NYSPA President-Elect Candidate:

Patricia C. Dowds, PhD  

Click here to view candidate
information as separate web page



Click here for Election Rules and Guidelines 


Please Note:  Voting begins in early October. Ballots will be emailed to members with an email address on file, and mailed to those without an email address.