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State Advocacy


Legislative Committe Chair: June Feder, PhD
Federal Advocacy Coordinators: Maury Lacher, PhD & John Northman, PhD

The Legislative Committee (L/C) is the "political arm" of NYSPA. The primary purpose of the L/C is to seek enactment of legislation favorable to psychology and block legislative initiatives unfavorable to the profession. By working directly with governmental units responsible for implementing laws, the L/C also seeks to bring about changes in policy through regulations. The L/C works directly in collaboration with the NYSPA lobbyist.

Current Legislative Agenda:
  • PLLC Bill – This legislation would permit psychologists and physicians to form partnerships for the delivery of health care services. The bill received support from both the Senate and the Assembly in the last legislative session, however did not make it to committee for approval. The bill has been reintroduced by Assemblyman Weprin (A.801) as a pre-filed bill for the coming session and a senate sponsor is pending committee assignments. We expect to have both houses sponsor the bill and begin an active grassroots campaign in the coming months. Talking points will be posted to this site, along with links to the bill.
  • Insurance Reform Mandate - The Insurance Reform Law, passed in June 2011, stipulated insurance coverage for autism treatment, a condition that afflicts approximately 1in 88 persons, according to the Centers for Disease Control. New York State psychologists applaud this important step which we view as critical for supporting families’ efforts to get comprehensive, effective and affordable treatment for persons living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  NYSPA is committed to ensuring that individuals and families of individuals with ASD have access to the highest quality care.  We are currently working with the Department of Insurance to assure that appropriate consideration for oversight of treatment, effective treatment planning and integrated team approaches are considered in the mandatory regulations.
  • Monitoring bills that affect the practice of psychology to ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect the patient’s access to care and to protect the delivery systems that allow psychologists to practice. Bills are reviewed weekly by our contract lobbyist and members of the Legislative committee. Actions are presented to NYSPA’s governing body for approval. If you become aware of a bill that affects your area of practice please let us know. While we do monitor there are hundreds of bills introduced and we may not catch them all. Send your comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A member of the Legislative Committee will contact you to follow up.

The Legislative Committee meets five times each year. Discussion is lively, stimulating and at times even provocative. Meetings are held on Saturday mornings from 10-1. Meetings are open to any NYSPA member. Come to where the action is and help shape your professional future!

NYSPA has an active Legislative Committee which reviews bills and issues relating to psychology.

Legislative Committee Updates:
January 25, 2013 - Exemptions Update
February 8, 2013 - PLLC

How to find your Legislative Representative: http://www.congress.org/