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Working Together Campaign

The Committee on Psychotherapy Practice has been working on ways to help psychologists in private practice who provide psychotherapy to both survive and thrive. We are all familiar with the negative impact of low reimbursement rates and competition from master’s level professionals. In addition, we face an uncertain future since none of us know how Accountable Care Organizations and Medical Homes will affect psychologists in private practice. Some predict that more of us will be employed by Medical Homes and far fewer will have psychotherapy practices.

Over the last 5 years, CPP has been involved in many activities to promote private practice. Now we want to involve every NYSPA member who has a private practice.

By Working Together you can market your practice to physicians in your area and you can help the profession of psychology by spreading the word about the benefits to patients when psychologists and physicians are working together.

We chose to focus on physicians because they are often the first professional that a person speaks to about his/her depression, anxiety, family problems, insomnia, panic attacks, sexual problems, etc. We also know that physicians who are not psychiatrists write more than half the prescriptions for anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications.

During the last six months, we have reached out to family physicians by

  • Placing an ad in their online newsletter six times
  • Sponsoring a NYSPA exhibit table at their mid-winter meeting in Lake Placid
  • Writing and distributing a brochure “Why Refer to a Psychologist”
  • Distributing business size cards about the referral service that is available on the NYSPA website
  • Distributing a flyer written by the Psychoanalysis Division about psychodynamic psychotherapy

Now we want to reach out to all physicians via our Working Together campaign.

Individual psychologists can:

  • Download and print the brochure “Why Refer to a Psychologist” (there is space on the last page for you to personalize it by stamping or writing your practice information) Please note that this brochure needs to be printed as a double-sized document; You can choose this option through the Print screen.  Follow these steps, choose Print, click the Properties button, then select the Page Set-up tab, and finally check the Duplex Printing box, click ok and print!
    • Click here to download Why Refer to a Psychologist for Family Physicians
    • Click here to download Why Refer to a Psychologist for Pediatricians.
  • Bring the brochure to physicians in your area. You can introduce yourself, give them a brochure, your business card and any information you have about your own practice. It will take less than five minutes but it will let them know something about what you do and that Working Together we can help patients improve their lives.
  • Give the brochure to a physician when you or a family member have a medical appointment.

Regional Associations can:

  • Contact local chapters of physicians’ professional associations such as the Academy of Family Physicians, Pediatricians, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, etc to ask about having an exhibit table and/or give a short talk at their chapter meetings. If you or your region is interested in doing this, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; both CPP and NYSPA will assist you.

Divisions can:

  • Encourage your members to join the campaign and visit physicians.

Please send a message to the NYSPA member listserve to let your colleagues know what you’ve done and how it went. Hopefully this will encourage others to visit physicians too.

I would also appreciate knowing how many physicians each of you contacts. Please send this information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions via email or 631-821-1880.

Thank you for your interest and assistance….Working Together we can make a difference!

Committee on Psychotherapy Practice

Barbara Fontana, PhD and Frank Goldberg, PhD


Dianne Polowczyk, PhD                                Jerold Grodin, PhD

George Northrup, PhD                                 Eric Neblung, PhD

Patricia Pitta, PhD                                         Barry Blank, PhD