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About NYSPA of Graduate Students (NYSPAGS)

NYSPAGS, formerly known as NOFP, is the only professional organization for psychology Graduate Students in New York State. This group aims to provide future psychologists with a forum in which to shape their professional futures.

NOFP_Officers_2010Involvement in the New York State Psychological Association is a valuable and rewarding experience, allowing students to cultivate firsthand knowledge about the profession they will be stepping into - we are the future of psychology in New York State!

  • Representative to Council: Sabrina Esbitt, MA
    Chair: Kathryn Belgiorno, MA
  • Chair-Elect:  Jennifer Yuan, AB
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Deborah Binko, MA

The following opportunites are available to NYSPAGS members. A number of leadership positions are available that will be commencing in January; there is a broad range of roles, interest areas, and levels of commitment among them:

  • NYSPAGS Executive Board Officers -- Constituting the governing body for NYSPA's graduate students, officers (chair, chair-elect, secretary, training & advocacy coordinator) participate in regular conference call meetings, attend council meetings and other events, and collaborate with Central Office and NYSPA leadership. These require a minimum 1-year (January-December) commitment.
  • NYSPAGS Executive Board Liaisons -- There are a number of opportunities for students who have a particular area of interest, such as clinical psychology, legislative initiatives, neuropsychology, school psychology, academia, etc. (see list of divisions on the NYSPA website), to become involved in these sub-groups within NYSPA as NYSPAGS representatives. These roles are relatively flexible and require participation in a division or committee with occasional attendance on NYSPAGS conference calls/email correspondence. This is preferably a 1-year (January-December) commitment.
  • NYSPAGS Campus Representatives -- We are looking for graduate students across the state to ensure that your program is well represented within NOFP and help spread updates and opportunities to your classmates and colleagues. These positions would primarily entail correspondence with the NYSPAGS Board and dissemination of relevant information to students at your school. This is a 1-year (January-December) commitment.
  • Event Volunteers -- Even if you are not able to participate on a regular basis, we are always looking for an extra pair of hands at our events. The NYSPAGS Externship Fair is right around the corner, and we are hoping that a couple of people will be willing to assist with registration and organization on Sunday, November 14th at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights starting at 8:00am (see website for additional Externship Fair details).

Any questions are welcome, and we would encourage anyone who might like to pursue any of these leadership opportunities to send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a (very) brief email of interest.

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