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Membership in NYSPA is one of the most valuable investments you will make in your professional future. Your investment ensures NYSPA can continue to protect and preserve your profession, including battles in the State Capitol. Help us help you!

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Full Member - Join Online or  View/Print Application (PDF format)
Must possess a doctoral degree in psychology or be licensed as a psychologist in New York State. Dues are $315 per year. Special membership rates for first-time members are $150 first year, $315 thereafter. Additional special rates are available for those who are within five years of receiving their doctoral degree: $55 first year, $90 second and third years, $165 fourth and fifth years.

Associate Member - View/Print Application (PDF format)
Associate Applicants must have completed at least two years of full-time graduate study in psychology or possesses the Master's Degree in psychology from a graduate school of recognized standing. Membership dues are $40 first year, $100 second year, $135 thereafter.

Student Affiliate - Join Online or  View/Print Application (PDF format)
Student Applicants must be matriculated and enrolled as a full-time student, either in a recognized graduate psychology program, post-doctoral respecialization program, or in a college or university as undergraduate psychology majors. Membership dues are $35 per year.