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Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Andrew Demaree, PhD

David Glenwick, PhD
Monique Bowen, PhD
Peggy Herzog, PhD
John Hogan, PhD
Anastasia Yasik, PhD

The role of the Continuing Education Committee is to oversee and approve continuing education (CE) programs and activities sponsored by the Foundation of the New York State Psychological Association.

Three members of the CE Committee (D. Glenwick, J. Hogan, A. Yasik) were members of a symposium on "Myths and Misconceptions in Continuing Education" at NYSPA's annual convention in Cooperstown in May.

Current Initiatives:
1. David Glenwick, Chair of the CE Committee, will be preparing a podcast for NYSPA on issues in continuing education.
2. The CE Committee and NYSPA will be continuing the Continuing Education Recognition Program, whereby NYSPA members who have accumulated 36 hours of CE credit over a 3-year period receive a certificate of recognition.

Future goals:
1. Promoting, via the CE approval system, the presentation of high-quality continuing education programs in New York State.
2. Providing outreach, information dissemination, and consultation on continuing education to NYSPA members, divisions, and regional groups.

If you like to provide continuing education credits for your program or workshop, please complete the forms below.  If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

**Please print the full CE Application Forms for your own records.

CE Application Forms (PDF)

CE Checklist (Word document)

Listed below are sample forms in Microsoft Word Documents that will allow you to add your own information in the fields.

Attachment A (Word document)

Attachment B (Word document)

Attachment H (Word document)

Continuing Education Recognition Program