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NYSPA offers many vehicles for communication with members. Downloadable versions of NYSPA publications are listed at the bottom of this page (you must be logged in as a member to see the issues).

NYSPA Notebook
The purpose of the NYSPA Notebook is to provide a vehicle by which NYSPA members can share current topics in psychology, particularly professional issues in New York State and the nation. In addition, it provides a forum for the discussion of association issues and activities, pro and con articles on specific issues of interest to the members, other topics of general interest to the membership, and the publication of Letters to the Editor. View publication guidelines.

NYS Psychologist
The NYS Psychologist is the official Journal of the New York State Psychological Association and, as such, contains archival documents. It also publishes articles on current issues in psychology as well as empirical, theoretical, and practice articles based on broad aspects of psychology. Statements contained in the NYS Psychologist are the personal view of the authors and do not constitute NYSPA policy unless so indicated. View publication guidelines.

Friday Flash e-Newsletter
The Friday Flash contains up-to-the-minute news and is e-mailed to members each Friday. It is used to convey time-sensitive information and event notices to members. If you are not receiving a copy or would like to resubscribe, please contact Friday Flash Request.



NYSPA Notebook Publication Guidelines

AUTHORS: We invite NYSPA members to submit to The NYSPA Notebook, the magazine of the New York State Psychological Association. As the Empire State's leading source of news about the latest psychological opinions, theories and research, legislative updates and membership information, we count on experts like you to maintain the high standards of the NYSPA Notebook. We strive to provide the best and most comprehensive accounts of emerging trends, activities and research in psychology. We look for good ideas and good writing, intelligently presented and aimed at our audience. The NYSPA Notebook is published three times per year and has a circulation of 2,500. Our aim is to explain the complex and diverse world of psychology and its specialties to our audiences and to advance knowledge about psychology. Articles cover a diverse range of topics, from scientific news to professional practice issues to legislative matters. Diversity and critical analysis regarding psychological opinions, theories and research are encouraged in contributions. The NYSPA Notebook executive editor reserves the right to choose or decline any submission for publication. If you are a prospective author, the following guidelines should help guide you through the process we use to add outside writers to The NYSPA Notebook’s staff-written articles:

Length: Articles should be between 700 and 1000 words. The executive editor reserves the right to edit for length without altering the intent or tone of the article.

Content and Readership: We accept unsolicited articles of general psychological interest. Our readers are primarily licensed psychologists, making it unnecessary to define common psychological terms. However, The NYSPA Notebook is read by psychologists in all specialties, so be sure to define terms unique to your specialty. The NYSPA Notebook is also distributed to state and national legislators, members of the media and other important organizational audiences; your article could be quoted or referenced. TONE: The NYSPA Notebook is a professional association magazine. Therefore, your writing should reflect a high degree of professionalism.

Write Ethically: Do not blend your personal opinions and speculations with statements based on scientific studies. Be careful to distinguish between your personal views and statements of scientific findings. Alert the reader when you speculate.

Cite References for Factual Statements: When representing a scientific fact, include a reference with a complete citation in APA format. We will not publish the references but we will inform readers that they are available by written request. The NYSPA Notebook is not a scientific journal for empirical studies and reviews, but it may publish this type of material at times.

Style: Write in the active voice, minimizing wordiness. Use the inverted pyramid style, a style that places all the major information in the first few paragraphs, after which the important facts taper down into the least essential material at the end of the article. Write in the third person. While we welcome personal articles, they will only be published in select and appropriate issues and sections of the magazine.

Division and Committee Information: Reports from Divisions are limited to 200 words about news and events. Committee reports also are limited to 200 words about activities, changes and goals.

How to Submit Articles: Send submissions to NYSPA Central Office. Articles (and any accompanying images) must be submitted by e-mail. Articles should be formatted in Microsoft Word, images should be in jpg or gif format.

Acceptance and Publication: We will acknowledge your submission when we receive it. We make decisions to accept or reject articles as quickly as possible. We plan months in advance for each issue, so the time frame in which your article is published is unknown. Once your article has been accepted, our editors will be in touch with you. On behalf of the staff at the NYSPA Notebook and our readers, we thank you for your time and effort. If you have questions or need additional information please contact us at: NYSPA Notebook, Attn: Editor, 3 Pine West Plaza, Ste 308, Albany, NY 12205 or

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NYS Psychologist Publication Guidelines

Theme: Addressing Microaggressions and Macroaggressions with Diverse Populations

Deadline: The deadline for submissions of proposals is April 30, 2017. After all proposals are reviewed, the editorial board will notify invitees to submit completed manuscripts. Individuals with accepted proposals will be notified by May 15, 2017. Final accepted manuscripts are due by June 30, 2017.

Manuscript Preparation: Authors should prepare manuscripts according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Manuscripts should be no more than 12 double-spaced pages including references, 250 words on a page, with at least a one-inch margin on all sides of the paper, and with typeface no smaller than 12 points.

Abstract and Keywords: All manuscripts must include an abstract containing a maximum of 120 words typed on a separate sheet of paper and a brief biography related to your expertise and/or topic of approximately 120 words. After the abstract, please supply up to five or six key words.

References: References should be listed in alphabetical order. Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each text citation should be listed in the References. All copy must be double-spaced and instructions on preparing tables, figures, references, and metrics, and abstracts appear in the Manual.

Editorial Policy: All manuscripts are first reviewed by the editor(s) of the issue to determine if they are appropriate for this journal. We do not accept opinion pieces. In certain cases, manuscripts may be invited; such an invitation does not constitute automatic acceptance. All manuscripts are peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. Authors are required to obtain and provide to NYSPA all necessary permissions to reproduce any copyrighted work. The editor of that issue of the NYS Psychologist reserves the right to edit all copy. The final acceptance decision rests with the issue editor, although the NYSPA Publications/Editorial Committee retains oversight functions. The issue editor, therefore, should (a) feel free to seek consultation from the chair of the Publications/Editorial Committee throughout the process of putting the issue together and (b) build in sufficient time before publication for the Publications/Editorial Committee to review the completed issue.

Manuscript Submission: To be considered for publication, please send submissions electronically to Vernon Smith, PhD. Suggested editorial changes are communicated electronically. Two hard copies will be requested that are clear, readable, and on paper of good quality if the manuscript is accepted. Authors should supply an e-mail address and fax numbers. Authors should keep a copy of the manuscript to guard against loss.

E-mail manuscripts to co-editors Vivia Hua, PsyD, Daniel Kaplin, PhD, and Vernon Smith, PhD at The electronic file should be prepared accurately, consistently and simply, avoiding the use of special fonts or elaborate formatting for aesthetics; completing a spell check of the file is suggested. Paragraphs should be formatted the same way throughout.

NYS Psychologist is the official journal of the New York State Psychological Association and, as such, contains archival documents. It also publishes articles on current issues in psychology as well as empirical, theoretical, and practice articles based on broad aspects of psychology. Statements contained in the NYS Psychologist are the personal view of the authors and do not constitute NYSPA policy unless so indicated. The NYS Psychologist is indexed in APA’s PsycInfo. Copyright and permissions. Those who wish to reuse NYSPA-copyrighted material must secure from NYSPA and the author written permission to reproduce a journal article in full or journal text of more than 500 words.

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NYSPA Notebook

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